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I held off writing my profile because I wasn’t sure if this was relevant to me. But I also held off reading others’ profiles, because something niggled at me, that i would want to write and I didn’t want to crib anyone else’s style.

I have had depression and, now I have the tools to cope, should I feel it rearing its ugly head again, I now climb, albeit intermittently; but the two weren’t linked. Or so I thought.⠀

Then, it dawned on me; the very reason why I joined climbing in the first place:⠀

I was very much on the road to recovery and had just bought my own house after being knocked around by the Leeds rental market. On that particular day, I began feeling that all familiar feeling: being trapped in the same four walls. Those four walls trapping me inside my own head, nowhere to go, no one to talk too.⠀

I needed to get out; I am rubbish at being aimless. Reluctantly, I logged onto Meetup.⠀

There were something like four groups that day. Two were appealing, but only one seemed right. Climbing.

Memories of climbing with my uncle and scaling the cliffs of the Scottish coastline as a child, of acing the wall at uni with friends, all came flooding back.

So I did it, I clicked ‘attending’.

And the rest… Well that’s another story for another time.

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